Lost Hall 2nd Edition: First Weekend

Greetings, Torengur!

The Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition Kickstarter) made it through the weekend in good form. Our first two-day total was $1,825 (a bit more if one accounts that Kickstarter chops off the sales at night). Why is that significant? While all Kickstarters are not the same, and hopefully ours will outperform, my data crunching in prior Kickstarters – my own and others’ – suggests that one can make a good prediction of the end by looking at the average of the first two days.

That would suggest we should be getting between 1/8 and 1/12 of $912 per day during the “flat” period between launch and the typical kick-up at the end. That’s about $75-115 per day. Well, hey, we did $150 and $119, so beating expectations. That suggests that – I hope – if things continue (or accelerate!) we’ll hit the digital print run long before the three-day sprint at the end.

What does that mean? It means the book will look like an 8.5×11 version of this:

The skinny one in the middle is Lost Hall 1st Edition
The skinny one in the middle is Lost Hall 1st Edition

Our book will be a bit thinner, but between the increase in page count and the much nicer paper, it’ll be a book with a solid heft to it.

And the hardcover goal is not out of reach; not by a long shot. A few good days and we can make it. A few retail or bulk pledges or even a shield or three and we’re there as well.

Work In Progress

And of course, there’s more on the way. I spent my downtime today adding a few thousand words to The Citadel at Northwatch, which will be next on the release schedule. I have been detailing the Citadel itself, as well as the town on the southwest side of the river. Details such as The Citadel, Little Rock, the Eternal Bridge, and The Gorge are taking shape – I can’t wait to bring this to life through art.

But that’s next quarter!

As always, now that you’ve backed, the biggest thing you can do is spread the word. If you have Dragon Heresy, bring it by your Favorite Local Gaming Store on your next outing, and ask that they carry it, or (even better) order it through the retail plan on the Kickstarter itself!

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