All Domestic Packages Shipped; Life Changes

The Big News: All Packages Shipped

As of right now, every domestic and international shipment has been boxed up, a label printed, and all but the last batch are physically in the mail. ALL packages will be in the mail by about 1pm today, since I’m dropping by the post office on my way to my former job site (see below).

One of the more pleasing things in boxing up all of these has been the number of you fine folks who have added Nordvorn, Hall of Judgment, and Fantastic Dungeon Grappling to your order. I really think that those of you who have all seven books will have a fantastic time exploring the world.

That being said: if you have any problems with your order, if there are any pieces missing (such as maps, or books, or anything), please let me know immediately. Fulfillment of this project was spread out over much time, and I want to ensure each and every one of you get what you paid for.

One Door Closes: Kick Down the Next One

On Monday, I received notice that my Day Job was laying me off after 19 years of employment. So that’s a big ball of uncertainty combined with the already fun times being had due to COVID-related wackiness and the terrible events underway all over the country sparked by the death of George Floyd here in my home metro area of Minneapolis. We’ve had an old college friend and her family staying with us for the last week-ish because the violence was threatening to overrun their home.

But with this chapter of my life closing – I go in to turn in my computer right after I mail the last packages – I’m going to try and give a run at being a publisher for real. Lots of projects pending (including one for The Fantasy Trip on Kickstarter right now), and more and more support for Nordlond, a full Powered by GURPS RPG tentatively titled Mission X, and more. Read about some of the pending projects here.

That means I’m going to get busy doing more and more, and hopefully, y’all will continue to help me do so. I’d love to do publishing full time, and I can’t do it without you.

Stay safe, and don’t forget: contact me immediately if you find that your order is missing anything. One of these days I’ll put up a post-mortem summary of Nordlond Sagas, though I can tell you it won’t be pretty.

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