More Perilous Journeys: Royal Mail Rocks

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Just a quick note regarding international physical copies for More Perilous Journeys.

My print process goes through Mixam, which prints in both the USA (blah, blah) and more importantly for Not-the-USA backers, the UK. I usually print the international books in the UK, nip them over to Kixto (usually takes two days), and then put them in Royal Mail at book rates.

I can’t promise anything, but it appears that the five new books will mass about 900g all told including the mailer. Maybe a bit more, maybe less. That’s about £6 shipping to the UK, maybe £10 to the EU, and maybe £13 to non-EU and beyond. USA folks get media mail from my house. That’ll be about $6.

If it’s more than I think, and the prices change, I’ll let you know. But this strategy has worked for me recently for the Nordlond Sagas campaign, and was highly satisfactory for both price and speed.

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