Print Files Approved: Proofs on the way!

Proof Ordered

This morning I got the note that the initial PODX file from DriveThruRPG had been approved by Lightning Source. I’ve ordered my proof copy and asked it to be sent 2nd Day Air. So it takes 2-5 working days to print it, and another 2 working days to ship it. So 4-7 business days means that sometime between next Tuesday and next Friday, I should be able to receive and inspect the printed book.

At that point, if it passes muster, Nathan and I will make the errata changes listed on this blog post – assuming the layout will accommodate these changes. Make no mistake, though, if the choice is “fixing something that was basically clear but could be tweaked, but the layout changes” and “do nothing,” leaving it as-is will win every time.

That being said, most of the stuff simply won’t change layout. Correcting “bttack” to “attack” isn’t going to alter anything. And many of the paragraphs that are slated for change have either room to move because of line justification or room to move because the paragraph has room to expand on the next line.

Schedule Update

Anyway, what this means for schedule:

  • Jan 12: Order Proof
  • Jan 20: Receive Proof
  • (Assuming proof is good; if not, add three weeks per cycle of proofing!)
  • Jan 22: Errata changes, export and upload new POD file, export ePUB format
  • Jan 23: Distribute ePUB digitally; Distribute updated PDF digitally; get color-corrected PODX Rev2 file from DTRPG
  • Jan 30: Hopefully new files accepted
  • Jan 31: Process print orders for backers

So in an ideal case, print orders will start rolling off their press by the end of the first week in February. At that point, all US customers should have their copies in hand by the end of February . . . and that’s most of the orders. The rest can take somewhere between 1-3 and up to 5, 8, or even longer depending on how torturous the shipping process is.

But there we go. That’s all the information I have at this point, but for most folks, you should have everything I promised you by the end of February.

If the proof stinks, though, that will probably push out about a month at a time, until a satisfactory solution is arrived at. I don’t anticipate this, but it’s a possibility, so I wanted to be straight about risks.


The book has received a smattering of critical review.

  • Peter Dell’Orto, who helped with the original concepts but is nonetheless a straight-up guy, reviewed the book on his blog, Dungeon Fantastic. Read the review.
  • Eric Diaz, blogging at Methods & Madness, also had very positive things to say.

Do you want to help out the project some more, even beyond your present generosity? Write and publish an honest review. If you hate it, tell me why. If you love it, tell me why. If you want to see more product – say, a book of grappling monsters – tell me that too. If you don’t have a blog platform of your own, email me your review and I’ll publish it on Gaming Ballistic.

Share your thoughts on social media, and include a link to the pre-order page!

Thanks all! We’re in the home stretch!

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