Aeon S4E5 and S4E6

Dramatis Personae

  • The Commander (Doug) – telekinetic super-soldier with a really angry dog (Yukio). The dog is a powerful ally (250-300 points) and very intelligent and very, very aggressive.
  • Zephyr (Merlin) – Real name Murui; Shaolin Kung Fu expert and super-speedster.
  • Eamon Finnegan (Kyle) – smooth talking gravity-master; Ultimate Fighting Lawyer, to borrow a phrase.
  • Ezekiel (Christian) – Techno Master, Genius, Esper, Super Archer

S4E5 – A Plan Came Together!

I wasn’t feeling like transcribing last Monday for some reason, so let me sum up:

We completely dominated the takedown of the executive Montemayor. We came up with a ridiculously effective plan and executed it flawlessly. We pulled our target out in the elevator she was coming down in, used all of our powers effectively to maximize knockout values and take down scads of folks at once, and found out we got a bonus prize: the Chief Information Officer or something like that. We wrapped it up like the professionals we’re supposed to be.

The only one left is the founder. He’s holed up with dozens of metas and no small number of regular folks. We had infiltrated the bad guys main base, Eamon was going to try and do his diplomacy thing . . . and all of a sudden the Angel of Death – a guy that was bad, bad news, showed up and started killin’ folks.

We ended there because we outpaced the GM’s planning; we dealt with Montemayor obscenely fast.

S4E6 – A Plan Falls Apart

As we arrive, a scene of blood and death. Four or five dead metahumans, a baker’s dozen of completely slagged humans. And two decloaking mechas about 7yds tall. Who ordered ED-209 and his brother?

They have acquired a target: us. Hrm.

“Um, we’ve got a dude on top of our mechas”

Naturally Zephyr does something crazy – he runs up on top of one of the mechs. Ezekiel looses an EMP arrow to no effect. We hear “Target acquired” as the turret swivels towards Zeke.

The Commander stunts a forward-placed shield, and rolls a natural 3. I can redirect it with my mind as a bonus. Zephyr gets electro-zapped by a power cage. He makes his HT roll, but needs to spend a point of karma to not get scrambled. ED and his friend fire at my shield, but thanks to my shield, no problem – the .50-cals bounce. Yukio drags Katana behind a convenient rock.

Eamon hits the mech with a 51-point gravity sledge, stunting in a (3) armor divisor. It does a very nice bit of damage to one of the EDs. Zephyr waits until after Zeke goes – Zeke shoots an arrow at Zephyr, who is supposed to catch the arrow and shock out ED.

The Commander detects a flaw in this plan, since he just got hit with an electric attack, indicating the outer shell is already reinforced with this kind of thing in mind.

He catches the arrow, spends a life point and two fatigue for awesome potential, and then slams the electro-zap arrow into the thing. It . . . rolls a 4 for Dodge. This has turned into a mechanical bull. Murui crits on the third attack, finally hitting. And then pulls a hundred-handed strike, which pretty much makes it the “Go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep” scene from Age of Ultron. He does 324 ponts of damage with the strike, which is knockback and damage, against chinks in armor. He takes 18 points of damage to each hand, but has DR, so took a single point of damage per hand.

The commander moves up a bit, taking his really cool shield with him, and hits five times with a 6dx3 double knockback attack; the thing gets thrown 14 hexes, and is out of commission.

The other ED209 fires antipersonnel missiles – like 84mm gyroc rounds, so this is seriously beefy guided grenades. Eamon power parries with his very wide radius gravity slam and swats all the missiles out of the air. then follows up on his own turn to gravity punch the power cell with armor divisor (5). He destroys the second one, but regrettably Murui’s still on it, and crit fails the DX roll and winds up in a tree. We take a picture of him for posterity.

Legend wants us to distract the Big Evil Guy. Now. We go right in the front door, and move in.

Power Dampeners, Oh My

We come up the stairs, and come upon a fight in progress: “The Devil” vs four metas with our quarry in the corner. The Commander fires at the ground with his 15d concussion rifle, and the devil falls through the hole in the floor. Our quarry gives up, and Kyle grabs him, jumps out the window. When the house is exited, the powers come back (we suspected this), and Kyle flies away with the founder of  Blue Skies, our primary mission. Most of the Cavalry exit the building through the window, regaining their powers in the process, and taking Blue Skies metas with him.

The Commander runs downstairs, and is about to be surprised by The Devil, when Zeke shoots him with an arrow in the hand, crits, and scores 33 points of damage (he’s got a really strong bow) and the crit table doubles it. 66 points . . . “you actually hurt him.”

The Commander tries to kick him and then hit him with a sword, as either one would allow him to trigger his TK attack, which is substantial. Both are dodged or defended against. A shot to the foot misses by dodge again. The Commander scampers to the door, joining his teammates outside, where we can hopefully gang up on him.

Zeke runs towards the fallen mechs, probably intent on animating them again.

We do the analysis stuff – we’re going to need new charts to figure out how much sorcery this guy has. He’s that powerful.

The founder triggers a building implosion, with the house collapsing in on itself, pulling The Devil with  him. We go for sense magic – he’s not there anymore. But we know he’ll be back. There are lots of spatial distortion, like black hole type stuff, and we hear a scream come from Katana. She’s pouring blood from her eyes and ears; we get her stable, but she needs surgery immediately.

Three Kestrels land and like 30 guys come out. And the house kinda re-inflates. We get Katana on a Kestrel and off to a real hospital with real good doctors.

And with that, Blue Skies is no more.

We’ve got compromising information on all of them, so we fast forward past the trial and whatnot.


When we meet again, it’ll be at least a month out. So it’ll be December 2016 or early 2017 when we come back.

The anti-meta leader Blackwell becomes President of the USA.

We’ll need to spend experience points before next game, too. We all get a point for Most Valuable Party, since we all played well and were super in genre.

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