Actual pages from the UK printer that will likely be doing the color print books, unless we hit the big goal at $16K

Dragon Heresy: Color Book Block Looks AMAZING

When I started to get quotes for printing, especially in color, I didn’t really know what I was looking to receive. But I just got a trial “book block” back from the vendor that is likely to be the printer for the Dragon Heresy Kickstarter unless we hit the $16,000 offset goal and it’s amazing.

The Specs

The book is what is referred to as digital offset, which is a bit more than Print-on-Demand, but much more suitable to low volume runs. They recommended a heavier paper than I was asking for due to the coloring, and so I said “sure.”

Then they offered to print me up a trial interior.

The paper is 140gsm silk, which is basically 95# weight.

Check out how impressive the block is at 254 pages:

Book Block Thickness
Book Block Thickness
Compared to Dracula Dossier
Compared to Dracula Dossier

(Note Dracula Dossier is sewn binding, so it’s a better book than what can be done with the above block.)

Interior Images

Following are some indifferent-quality photographs with my camera phone of the interior print quality.

First, the edge, where the chapter markers (currently not spread out) clearly bleed through and will provide a great way to find pages. We may wind up changing colors too, for a better visual reference.

Now a few images of the interior.

So the color print seems well in hand, and is a great “thank you” to all that have pledged at the “sponsor” level (Styðja). In truth, you have a backer to thank, since he suggested upgrading the sponsor level to the color print!

But this book will likely wind up about 1″ thick including the covers. I cannot wait to get final layout and content sorting done!

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