Dragon Heresy: Proofs Arrived!

This is mostly a picture dump, but overall, here are my impressions:
  • Readability is excellent. The colors came through very well.
  • The spot finish on the cover may not be fully visible in the image, but it’s awesome
  • Still going to be a pretty book

The mild criticisms. Two are on me.

  • One of the big signature images is misaligned in the borders. I can and will fix that (p. 140)
  • The Gaming Ballistic logo on the spine should get a spot finish and didn’t
  • While overall color fidelity is good, some of the details on one of the important images got obscured in the printing process due to low contrast and a bit of color mismatch.
  • I was supposed to get “wet proofs” of my end sheets, and didn’t

I’ve provided this feedback (and the following pictures) to the printer, but obviously haven’t heard back yet. I also need to do a (gulp) page-by-page inspection of the entire low-quality book block to ensure everything is good, and there are no more p. 140 surprises.

To the pix!

That’s probably good for now, but this is major progress. When I hear back on p. 238 I’ll know more about timing. More later!

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