Gaming Ballistic: CONVergence 2019!

Gaming Ballistic was selected for a dealer table at CONVergence 2019, which starts July 4 and runs through July 7.

This will be my very first “hey, my own table!” convention appearance, so I’m glad it’s here in the Twin Cities.

Come chat, check stuff out, or hit me up and hopefully folks can run some of my games (I’ll likely be at the table for most of it). Gaming Ballistic is looking to have a very interesting 2019, for reasons that will become more clear next week, I hope.

Until then: see you at the Con!

One thought on “Gaming Ballistic: CONVergence 2019!

  1. Sweet! Getting those has been a crapshoot in the past, but with the new location there might be more room.

    The downside is that you won’t have much time to run Hall of Judgment.

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