Hall of Judgment has been accepted at pre-press

I sent Hall of Judgment preliminary files to the printer

They were accepted first try, as “ready to print.”

I expect that I’ll hear back from the printing liaison today, since it’s mid-afternoon in the UK, and we can make plans to get things moving forward. But I think that means the clock on printing has started.

Still waiting on final ship approval as folks get settled and Return from Gencon (with associated Con Crud expected, if you’ve been to one of those). But things are nipping along well.

Just a reminder: if you’re interested in a physical copy of the book, and you don’t live in the USA, the very best time to order it is right now, as shipping will only be this cheap if there’s enough back-order for me to get a reprint from not-the-USA. Sure, one day I’ll have POD copies available, but odds are they won’t be as good, as most POD tops out at 105gsm/70# paper for one (the book as ordered uses 140gsm/93# silk-coated paper), and are much, much more expensive to print, for another.

3 thoughts on “Hall of Judgment has been accepted at pre-press

  1. Can I ask, I’m fine with a PDF. Is that going to be available for non Kickstarter backers soon, and if so where will I be able to buy it?

    1. Sean

      You can pre-order it right now: https://hoj-dfrpg.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

      I expect that it will be made available in final form to backers and pre-orders this week.

      If you miss that, it will go up very soon thereafter here on this website, and likely a few other places as well (I’d guess W23, but no discussions have been made as of yet).

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