Dragon Heresy: $22,000 Stretch Goal Added for Even More Content

New Goal, Big Book

In response to a few comments off line, the Dragon Heresy Kickstarter has added a stretch goal at $22,000 that will plus the book up to 304 or 320 pages.

This would follow the coveted-by-me offset print run, and therefore be affordable (a 320-page POD costs more than the current retail price of the book).

Classes like rangers, paladins, warlocks, and rogues would be on the menu of options (plus a few more).

Basically, if we hit this, I’ll put all of the content in a poll, along with wordcout. Y’all will vote, and I’ll fill the book up to a maximum page count starting with the most popular and working my way down until the allotted page count is filled.

Dragon Heresy Introductory Set Kickstarter has a retail option available for game stores that wish to sell physical copies of the product.Is This Likely?

We’re on a trajectory right now that is flirting with the offset goal. Right now, we’re sitting at $6,640, which means if we average just shy of $500 per day, we’ll hit the offset print goal!

That’s only 9 backers per day at the current average pledge level; only 14 per day gets us to the “Even More Content” goal.

Total backers required? About 300 and 400 respectively. That’s the same number that backed Dungeon Grappling for my first Kickstarter, and a bit more than that, and neither is the runaway success that 1000-2000 backers would indicate (more properly known as irrational exuberance given my current reach!).

So not only is it doable, it’s very doable. If you guys want to help, you can reshare the podcasts and updates, or say nice things in front of folks that will read it. The power of the network cannot be denied. Also: chat up your Favorite Local Game Stores, as the KS has a retail option available for five hardcover copies that gets especially appealing to all concerned once we hit that offset print run.

Dragon Heresy Podcast Week

As I’ve said in this space before, it’s kind of podcast week.

Last week THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS dropped, with Derek Knutsen-Frey

Today Table Top Babble went live. James Introcaso is always a great host.

For the rest of the week, you’ll see me on Hobbs and Friends, Down with DnD, and Uncle Matt’s D&D Studio, all of which were great conversations. I also pre-recorded a ‘cast that will go live on Apr 21 on Shane Plays, and will be speaking to Nerdarchy Dave later this week.

If there are any other shows that might be interested in talking to me about Dragon Heresy . . . let me know. I’ll find the time!

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