Commissioned Art from Citadel at Nordvorn. Hire these guys.

Hey, while I’m finishing up the relationship map and the index (I took care of the monsters last night), let me distract you with some art and artists, in alphabetical order. I also use stock art by Dean Spencer, and his Patreon portfolio (and DriveThruRPG work) are a great aid to any RPG publisher.

Thomas Denmark

Thomas and I actually have a longer association than I thought, though this the first time he’s accepted an art commission from me. He and David Pulver featured a short grappling system for OSR games (that would eventually become Dungeon Grappling for That Other Game) in Thomas’ Guardians Superhero RPG. Turns out we both share a love for Viking/Norse lore and culture.

Ben Jan

Ben specializes in landscapes and environments, and does a spiffy job with both. He was lightning fast on the commission work.

Ksenia Kozhevnikova

Ksenia has a wide repertoire of styles to choose from, and I loved the sensibilities she brought to the work.

Juan Ochoa

Juan and I have been working together since my first Kickstarter, Dungeon Grappling. In fact, we worked together before any kickstarters were launched, as I commissioned him to do pre-visualization on Dragon Heresy. He’s done two different covers for me, plus some neat other work.

Glynn Seal

Known best for his Midderlands OSR setting and that he won a Gold Medal ENnie for Cartography last year, I’ve used him for both of my Dungeon Fantasy RPG projects for cartography. I love the style and detail he puts in to the maps.

Ricardo Troula

Rick did the cover work for Citadel, so you’ve been seeing his stuff from the get-go. But he’s also got some great work inside the book as well, such as this more pastoral scene.

Kriz Villacis

Finally, Kriz – another who’s been working with me since the beginning.

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  1. Very cool to see the names behind the Art, and links where to find more of their stuff. This is a fun project to watch building!

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