More Perilous Journeys – Retail Levels Added!

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There was an inquiry about a retail level – and bad on me forgetting about it!

There are now two new pledge levels. One for the new books, one for all the books. If you know an FLGS who wishes to support TFT . . . steer them to this!

Retail Level – 5 Each New Physical Books ($180)

For our retail customers! Five copies each of the printed books (no PDFs!) that are new to this campaign. This is at a 50% discount from the retail cost of the five books.

Retail Option – ALL TEN Print Books (5×) ($360)

If you missed the first campaign and want to put ALL TEN print books on your store shelves, this is your pledge level. Five copies EACH of the softcover books from “Five Perilous Journeys,” plus the five books from “More Perilous Journeys” (this campaign), all discounted at 50% for retail sale. No PDFs are included with this reward!

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