Lost Hall of Tyr Cover Art Preview

(Duplicates Update #6)

Thus just in!

I just got the cover art in from Juan. Pretty awesome, so I put it into Todd’s cover mockup using the power of the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop. The real version will have non-fake text for the back blurb, as well as better fidelity in the text elements. Still, this is what the thing will look like!

We are only $275 from the basic funding goal! One more good day, or two or three typical ones, and we’ll hit the first, most important milestone: getting funded.

After that, it’s stretch goal time. The most important for me is hitting the $6,000 goal where I can start commissioning more internal art. Over the coming days, you’ll see previews from each artist, as well as some work-in progress.

Until then . . . spread the word! We’re nearly there!

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