The 12 Days of OSR Christmas: Day 2


The OSR Christmas continues today.

Edwin Nagy was yesterday’s winner, and I gave him a choice of Lost Hall of Tyr or Dungeon Grappling – he chose Lost Hall.

I’ll offer the same choice to each winner – which of my (for the moment) two products do you want? Dungeon Grappling will suit if you really want all the options in it, or wish rules for Pathfinder and 5e along with your Swords & Wizardry.

Lost Hall is the newer product, and also contains a two-page Dungeon Grappling quick-start that will get you going on sensible grappling rules. As a GM, you’ll love what they do for your monsters. As a player, it’s a sensible extension of the usual combat rules that gives an axis of conflict resolution that doesn’t always result in dismemberment and escalation (but still can be used for such).

In any case: the plethora of electrons available in my inventory makes “winner’s choice” a sensible offer.

Merry Christmas!

24 thoughts on “The 12 Days of OSR Christmas: Day 2

    1. By commenting, you’re in. Each day I’ll do the random drawing, and if you come out on top, I’ll email you and offer you the choice of Dungeon Grappling/Lost Hall of Tyr in PDF. For physical product, tomorrow is Dungeon Grappling Day, the 19th is Lost Hall of Tyr, the 22nd is another Dungeon Grappling, and Christmas Day will see another copy of Lost Hall.

      The winners of the physical product will ALSO get the PDF, ’cause why not.

    1. Please keep coming by! But you don’t have to re-up to be considered for the drawing. Once you’re in, you’re in.

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