Lost Hall Revised and Expanded: Printing has Begun

So, the files have been sent to the two printers: one in the UK, and one here in the USA. I made payment as well, and folks are talking about pre-press (a day or two) followed by perhaps three weeks of printing after proof approval, and that usually takes about a week. In both cases I’ve asked for hard-copy proofs, to check color and binding.
If that happens, I expect to have books ready to ship out by the first or second week in March, that means that by mid-March, the US and UK customers should have their books, and by the end of March or early April, everyone. Even the Aussie, I hope.
The details:
US Books: Preflight is today and tomorrow. Proofing is rapid but usually takes about a week. Then three weeks of printing. I should have books at my house by March 7, which means that I can pack ’em up and ship ’em out by the end of that weekend. Arrival in-hand March 13-22, depending on the USPS. Print copies will be about 9mm thick, printed on 100# matte paper.
International Books: Preflight is tonight. Proofing has to ship to me from the UK, but that has been quite fast in the past. I’ve tried to sneak the title and logos onto the spin, which is a bit thinner (about 6-6.5mm) due to slighly lighter weight paper stock for this printer (130gsm/85#). Assuming this printing looks as good as Hall of Judgment (no reason it should not!), and that they don’t reject my spine information, I’d expect the books to arrive at Kixto, my fulfillment partner in the UK, by the second week in march. From there, we have one going to Australia, one to Korea, and the rest either the UK or EU, so those should be fast. I’m still thinking late March or Early April. For the two folks that also ordered copies of Dragon Heresy in Hardback, I’ll send those separately.
Even so, it looks like the project will complete 2-3 months ahead of schedule.

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