Dragon Heresy: Way too much fun with Photoshop mockups

Today I posted a bit on the Discord channel and got some interesting feedback about what some folks want to see as part of a Kickstarter. One comment – fairly easily accommodated – is that they liked graphical pictures of the rewards. Links were provided, he said in passive voice.

Still, it is nice to see what you’re getting, so I hit the internets with the intent on finding some good Photoshop smart mockups, and found three or four good ones.

You can see various exports here, in black and white and color, of what I really hope the final product looks like.

Some notes:

  • The book looks really thick; that’s an artifact of the template. The real thing will be 256 pages, which depending on how it’s printed will be between 5/8 and 13/16″ thick including the covers
  • The templates invariably show a sewn binding; while I’d love (love love love) to do that, it depends on backer counts.
  • I’m still tinkering with pledge levels, since my goal is “a rising tide lifts all boats.” I want to ensure I can make and print the book, first thing. But as pledges get higher, I want the book to get better. Perhaps from softcover to hardcover to color hardcover to offset print run for US backers (if we get to an offset run, international orders will likely get DriveThru Color Premium).

In any case, I’m putting together graphics packages to show the rewards, and it’s both easy and a lot of fun.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Heresy: Way too much fun with Photoshop mockups

  1. The colour interior looks great. I’m guessing the PDF is guaranteed to be in colour either way?

    So, the follow-up “full” Dragon Heresy will completely replace this one, but this should have all player-facing content for the early levels, and thus be useable as an extra book for character creation sessions, right? That’s actually pretty cool wrt how people use these books in real life!

    1. Yeah, the PDF is already in color, so no reason to change it.

      Your description of the utility of the full Dragon Heresy set is partially true. There are more playable races (full elves, tieflings, gnomes) and more character classes and archetypes (many more cleric domains, trevinur, ranger, paladin, rogues, sorcerers, and warlocks).

      If the KS blows the doors out, I was considering adding them back last night: no promises, as it would add a lot of layout and wordcount and significantly change the budget. But I can lay out the additional material in that chapter and see what it would do to page count.

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