Dragon Heresy: Kickstarter Prep

Slowly but surely, it’s taking shape.

I’m pretty happy with the bulk of the text of it. I want to add an image of reward levels so folks can see what they get, and I want to cut down the verbiage about shields and show rather than tell for what folks are getting. I’ve got three in build right now, so there will be a montage of the process.

Then the video.

And that’s it. I’ve heard from Michael on progress on monsters, and from Vince on editing (once the thing funds he’ll get the manuscript).

Backers will get a working, playable PDF the day the funds clear in Kickstarter. Then I will assimilate feedback over the following four to six weeks, make any changes needed, and finalize the print and PDF files.

Delivery of a game y’all can play is assured. The only real question is how awesome it will be, and how many of you want it (which  really is a “first, read rule #1” kind of statement).

This is looking real, folks.

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