GameHole Con Reward level goes live at 10am

In Update 9 (and a few before) I mentioned a new reward level. This $250 pledge is a seat at the table with me at GameHole con, where I’ll run Hall of Judgment for those that attend. There will be six reserved seats, and two open seats for walk-ups.

The game will start at 4pm Central Time on Friday, November 9, and run for four hours. Pregens will be provided – possibly by you! Supplying a pre-gen is one of the reward levels.

You will also get every book I’ve made so far in print and PDF. They’re mostly for That Other Game, but Dragon Heresy in particular has a lot of setting and culture information to supplement the non-trivial amount of such information added to Hall of Judgment.

As I noted: you are responsible for your own badge, transport, lodging, and timeliness. We’ll be set up in DorkStock, the Con-within-a-Con celebrating John Kovalic’s work.

The reward level goes live in TEN MINUTES, at 10am Central Time.

If they’re all gone? There will be a chance for a second table, but scheduling is still being worked out and I’ll only launch that one if this one fills up.

See you in Madison!

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