GURPSDay! Aug 9 to Aug 31, 2019

It’s another GURPSDay, and here’s the last few weeks of posts! I made major progress on Four Perilous Journeys, and for the first time in months I can hit the garage and work on shields and crafting.

Scroll all the way down (the random order is, well, random). Catch up and get some repeat views and if you missed some. They’re in reverse chronological order, so if you’re up-to-date, just skim off the top!

News for Gaming Ballistic:

  • Fulfillment is complete on Citadel at Nordvorn, in that all books were sent out. I presume nearly everyone has received them, and if not, they have tracking numbers and my email address.
  • I’m still working to get a reprint from PubGraphics on Dungeon Grappling. They literally changed their print equipment, and in the last year or so reshuffled staff; I’m not wild about the timeliness of the interactions as of this point, and my need another local POD source. Once the new proof copy arrives, I’ll get the 14 owed books out.
  • Ship approval and print approval for Four Perilous Journeys is done. The counters/chits ready for print. I finished up the first draft of the NPC reference cards and they look pretty good, and I’ve sent them out to about 50 folks for proofing. As these are a licensed product, I also need ship approval from SJG on these as well. They’ll be fully finished by the end of the weekend. Then I can start ordering stuff.
  • I anticipate launching another Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter on September 10, which should go until October 12. There will be three books in it: two adventures and one short supplement. Look for it, and please spread the word.

GURPSDay is in its sixth – GURPSDay started in February 2013,  a year after I started Gaming Ballistic. Things have slowed down a bit, and I’ll be considering how to revitalize this weekly activity. I’d like to see an average of 100 posts here per week – one per blog, ish – so we’ll see what we can do to get creative juiced flowing.If you just started a GURPS blog – and I know that some of you have – email me and get on the list! With the advent of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, Powered by GURPS, there’s even more reason to write.

How? Two action items: post more, recruit more. It’s really that simple. More posters is more posts, and more interest in GURPS.

Below you can find the blog activity for the last week. There’s a whole lotta awesome GURPS going on. Read all the posts.

Not every blog posts about GURPS every week, but some are ridiculously prolific! The list is randomized, so different bloggers will be highlighted at the top of the post each week.

As always, if you’re interested in having your blog consolidated here, navigate over to The Instructions Page and drop me a line. Take special note of the RSS Settings Fix if you’re on WordPress.

Gaming Ballistic (Douglas Cole)

Dr. Kromm’s GURPS Livejournal (“Sean “”Dr. Kromm”” Punch”) (Che Webster)

Mailanka’s Musings (Daniel Dover)

The Ongoing Campaign (Faoladh)

Generic Universal Eggplant (Enraged Eggplant)

Ravens N’ Pennies (Christopher R. Rice) (Moe Lane)

Dark Paths and Wandered Roads (Jason Woollard)

  • Wandered Roads 55.5 (8/14/19) – The Heroes go down to the docks and get to the bottom of the criminal enterprises in Ilsurian. The ongoing adventures of the Heroes of Sandpoint in our Wandered Roads of Varisia GUPRS campaign.

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World of Domibia (Canology)

One Shot Adventures (J.C. Connors)

Traveller Adventures (Michael Thompson)

Requires Concentrate (Weevis)

Above the Flatline (Timothy Ponce)

Northport (Denis McCarthy)

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Octopus Carnival (Ubiratan Pires Alberton)

Refplace (Rory)

Sharrukin’s Palace (Jon F. Zeigler)

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Olympus RPG Group (The Olympus RPG Group)

  • GURPS Action: Consular Operations, S2E10 (8/27/19) – Our GURPS Action: Consular Operations campaign continues. The team attempts to leave the Muscat airport to regroup with Mahoney, which turns out to be more difficult, and costly, than expected.
  • GURPS Action: Consular Operations, S2E09 (8/21/19) – Our GURPS Action: Consular Operations campaign continues. The team regroups, and attempts to locate a missing team-member.

DF Whiterock (dripton)

Dungeon Fantastic (Peter Dell’Orto)

Frak Frel and Other F Words (Rigil Kent)

  • GM Commentary: ConsOps, 2.10 (8/25/19) – Discussion about the GURPS Action game I ran in Fantasy Grounds on 8/24/2019 which ended up resulting in a PC fatality. No stats harmed but link to the YouTube recording. Reflections on what went right and what (mostly) went wrong.
  • GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.10 (8/21/19) – Discussion about the GURPS Action game I will run in Fantasy Grounds on 8/24/2019. No stats abused and this is more stream of consciousness than I would like.
  • GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.09 (8/19/19) – Discussion about the GURPS Action game I ran in Fantasy Grounds on 8/17/2019 which went about like I figured. No stats abused but some in-game mechanics discussed. Reflections on where what worked and what didn’t.

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