GURPSDay on WordPress – a quick RSS note

Yeah, I’m sure I should have noted this before. But . . . while I’d noted that my RSS feed was limited to 10 posts, while my old Blogger site was 25, I just shrugged and chalked that up to system differences.

But this week, I noted that my “Precis” descriptions were not getting uploaded into my GURPSDay feed. I checked, and they were formatted correctly.

What gives?

Ah, looking at the RSS feed itself shows that the main body text isn’t there; it’s an abbreviated version.

Since most of my fellow bloggers on WordPress for GURPSDay also only show 10 posts, I figure I’m not alone.

The Fix is In

This isn’t complicated. It’s so simple I never bothered to look for it. But go into your Settings/Reading in your Dashboard, and make the changes I note.

I’m not positive this will work; I will need to run the script again to check. But I do expect it’ll fix the issue.

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